Why Thumbprints?

At the days end, before slipping into an unconscious state,  I tug the Christmas light cord from beneath my bed and pull out my phone. My thumbs type like motors, gathering the last of the straggling thoughts, questions and prayers. Weight transfers from my heart to my eyelids, until finally I disconnect from technology, and tuck the phone away. Many people sleep near their cellular devices for the alarm or the intention of instant social connection upon wake-up. However, I have discovered another purpose for this intentionally placed digital notebook.

The miniature keyboard is perched and ready to catch the unpredictable ideas of the middle of the night. It snags the irrational fears and negative thoughts before they take root as reality. With an err of over analysis, it turns observations of oddities to anecdotal stories. For fun, it’s also a poetic pun place where alliteration avoidance is rare, and rhyming analogies are a medium for understanding. But mostly, the significance of this deck of digitized note cards, comes in documentation of my journey with Jesus.

Eventually some of the notes make the migration into the computer. But the bulk of the entries started as thumbprints. Important for their opposable and dexterous nature, thumbs have been valued throughout human history. But I find a greater fascination in the uniqueness of each person’s fingerprint. With an assortment of words accumulating like brain beads, its with thumbprints that I sift, sort, rearrange, and attempt to string into another order. Then twisting the beaded sentence strands together like a double helix of DNA, something entirely new is created.

Welcome to the readership, and enjoy the blog.


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