2016 Table of Contents

 Blog Posts by Category


  1. How to define your relationship with God so it’s no longer complicated
  2. What does the phrase  “it’s a God thing” actually mean?
  3. Looking for a godly spouse? Watch out for these theological red flags
  4. Crisis Christianity explained through medical metaphors.
  5. Is your relationship with God driven by love or fear? 
  6. Thoughts on perfectionism, God’s Grace, and black and white thinking.
  7. Ten ways for people with over-active minds to stay focused during church.
  8. The unseen connection between  Mario Kart, and the Kingdom of God
  9. The four things people hide from in life.
  10. Memorizing scripture through song lyrics: part 1 and part 2.
  11. A Ferrari analogy to explain our extraordinary power in Christ
  12. How not to worry about tomorrow by thinking of yourself as a 5th grader.


  1. How to tell if a guy likes you,” and why females should stop googling this question.
  2. A story about relational competition explained in terms of US history, kale salad, and cake.
  3. Should height or love at first sight, be deal breaking factors? I don’t think so.
  4. A few words on drama, introverts, invisibility, and the importance of staying authentic.
  5. Whether single or dating, use the famous 8 slice pizza strategy to enrich your life.
  6. Stop obsessing about the idea of someone, and let other people show you who they really are.
  7. Four common myths about women who wait until marriage to have sex.
  8. The connection between quidditch and relationships. Are you a seeker or a snitch?
  9. Whether gasping for Oxygen or exploding with sparks, it’s time to clarify the chemistry concept. 
  10. Before you get lost in translation again, read the comprehensive guide to texting men.
  11. A story about the time I asked my older brother for relationship advice.
  12. Should women play hard to get? Here’s a poetic opinion on the matter.
  13. Reasons for the increase in gender segregation in young adult church culture.


  1. Find out the 14 commonalities of great thinkers summarized in the 30 days of genius series.
  2. Maximize decision-making energy by viewing your mind as a volleyball court.
  3. The case against waiting around for inspiration. Really, creativity is a boss.
  4. Make your life about verbsnot nouns.  
  5. Struggling with writer’s block? Consider writing delirious, creating a tent, or dictating on a walk.
  6. The idealist’s guide to surviving and thriving in the real world.
  7. Strengthen your communication by eliminating these 4 words from your vocabulary.
  8. A story about the “6 characters” driving my train of thought.

Young Adulthood

  1. Hangry, object permanence and other ways adults act like toddlers
  2. The dark side of the millennial generation’s obsession with nostalgia. The topic is covered in both paragraph and rhyming form.
  3. Reframe the negative emotions of transitions with this bay bridge analogy. 
  4. Eat chocolate chips, tell stories, ask questions, and take your babysitting/parenting to the next level by using my “Socratic sitter” method.
  5. Live with integrityor snowplow down the mountain.
  6. Is social media comparison making you feel lame? There’s a reason for that.
  7. People lacking boundaries will fear both engulfment and isolation; they resemble novice Marco Polo players.
  8. The food pyramid of the average young professional.

Student Life

  1.  Reasons your best friend, class rival, and class crush all make for great study buddies
  2. A story about the time I tried to explain the grad student experience to a professor via analogies of chocolate cake and hypothetical motherhood.
  3. What it would look like if track athletes practiced in the same distracted way that college students studied.
  4.  Studying in coffee shops for prolonged periods of time is bound to bring an interesting encounter or two.
  5. Ten ways to understand your friend’s breakup situation and study for your next anatomy/physiology test at the same time.
  6. poem of encouragement for physical therapy test takers.

Trudelle Family Stories

  1. The unusual story of how my parents met, became teachers, got married, and ended up at the Priory (The most read post of this blog).
  2. An “ordinary” morning in the Trudelle house. 
  3. How my older brother managed to rig the family chore system.
  4. Why the Trudelle’s are obsessed with bubbly water.
  5. A peek inside a family road trip car ride from the year 2000.
  6.  The profound effect my grandmotherNanuka has had on my life.
  7. The speech for my sister Laura on her wedding day.
  8. The email of “Costa Rican cupidity and flaming torch jungle runs which sent me to Central America just 48 hours after sending.
  9. The 2016 Christmas promo email.
  10.  A poem for my niece on her first birthday.
  11. If streets could talkthey would sound like this poem of hometown memories.
  12. Tales of running beginnings and my first cross country coach


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