A Note from Chrissa Kringle


The official save the date email for Christmas 2016. 

Dearest Family,

I would like to extend my arms to give you all a Sacramento-warm hug and Christmas greeting. Yes, that’s correct. I know it’s only September, but considering that a couple thousand years ago, Mary the mother of Jesus, was about to enter her third trimester of pregnancy, it only makes sense to save the date now.

Little-drummer-boy-drum-roll, please! Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, get ready to deck the halls, say Hallelujah and have some good clean family fun at the residence of Mama and Papa T for Christmas 2016. While carolers worldwide dream of a white Christmas, I think it’s time to dream of a Green Christmas in the emerald and golden hills of Portola Valley. Close your eyes for a moment—or squint so you can still read—and just imagine the possibilities.

The VIP out of town guests Laura and Jesse Newton will follow the north star all the way from Santa Barbara on their Camel, aka the Rav 4, to join the festivities with their daughter. Catch the magic of Christmas coming alive through the sparkling eyes of the recently walking baby, Lily Wiggles.

Get couch cozy with a mug of hot cocoa as thick and rich as melted chocolate bars to watch The Grinch who Stole Christmas—or The Warriors who stole the ball;  was Lebron’s heart really 3 sizes too small? Or perhaps you crave more of a mental challenge? We got you covered. Dive into the depths of a dizzying discussion by joining the Family Philosophical Association—composed of Johnny, Jesse and myself—for a fireside panel full of big questions and ever bigger ideas.

If you are prone to cabin fever like Marie, just java jaunt over to Philz Coffee in one of the candy cane fleet sleigh-vehicles. The powerful engines of Yoshi the Scion, and Cherry-sue the Volvo respond swimmingly to their seasonal names of “the white whip” or “the red whip” respectively. Buckle up, turn up the radio, and (Holy) Ghost Ride the whip all the way down Alpine Road ;-). Plus If you keep Papa T on your good side, he might even grant you the privilege of driving to the city of San Francisco to hear sidewalk silver bells in the Subaru “Forester” sleigh. But if not, take a forest run instead, and prance with the reindeer on the North Pole-esk razorback ridge trail.

To those who can’t stand the sight of mud splattered chiseled calves, fear not; the holiday committee is working hard this year to make sure no one gets left behind without a competitive outlet. Not only will the new track facility beg for an honest paced mile race, but emotions from the Idaho Jenga and hearts game nights still run high. I don’t know about the rest of the ladies, but personally, my lingering humiliation from the guys vs gals heads up game demands a rematch—preferably with color commentary from our very own radio announcer, Peter Trudelle.

Wow. The days may be few, but the possibilities are endless! As a friendly reminder, in the Biblical times, they did run out of room in the inn, so you might as well RSVP now.

When you are able, please respond with the letter best matching your life stage. 


A) Heck Yes. I can’t wait; I am already practicing my carols and have an advent calendar ready to countdown the days.
B) Unsure. I am newly-wed/dating/smitten and might be hiking through the national forest of mistletoe trees and eggnog rivers this year 😉
C) No thanks, I have to work and would prefer to have myself a merry little Christmas with a lovely cheese pizza just for me this year.
D) Thanks for the invite! But I have prior yuletide arrangements and will send a package of Grinchian who hash to my secret Santa.
E) I am coming, and I would also like bring my friend Josh Groban, and my other friend ______. My total number of friends is_____.

Signed with sincerity and secret Santa cinnamon sprinkles,

Chrissa Kringle Trudelle

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