Skiing Parallel


The connection between integrity, nordic skiing and snowplowing. 

Sometimes life is like skiing.  Two separate skis, each tightly bound to our feet, point us in a certain direction. The first is a ski of words, stated values, and intentions; and the other is a ski of actions.  People who live with integrity keep their skis parallel whether beginner green circles or double black diamond difficult circumstances of life. However, choices made out of alignment with the value ski will lead to a hideously awkward snowplow. 

The snowplow seems like the easy choice at first because it requires neither nordic practice, nor guidance from others and it’s also easy to control. However, living or skiing out of congruence stops personal growth in its tracks. The terrain might increase in difficulty, but the snowplow skier is always on the defense with a self-limiting goal of not to fall.  As far as I’m aware of, Sugar Bowl mountain resort offers no classes on “advanced snowplowing.”

Also, from a medical standpoint, the snowplow technique places an inordinate strain on the body. It wreaks havoc on the hips and glutes until one day the “skier divided” crashes into the splits. If you find yourself stuck in a snowplow, bail to the side, call ski patrol, sign up for ski class mentorship, and ask God to help you get your skis right again.

See, parallel skiing does not guarantee a life without falling, tree collisions, or other reckless skiers—and yet, striving towards congruence will always be worth it. The parallel skier wakes up in the morning on the top of the mountain, fresh off the chairlift and ready to face the day. Regardless of whiteout snow storms or ice patch corridors, they take the moguls as they come. And as a bonus, much of the time, they get to enjoy God’s gift of fresh powder and friends on the slopes.  


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