Root Issues


Thoughts about life problems, dermatology, and God’s grace.

Part I: The Route to the Root

 The issues in our lives are a lot like hair on our legs: we try to get rid of them, and there’s always a root cause. Naturally, anyone trying to eradicate their problems, change their habits, or heal from their past, will choose a different strategy. If you would like to stay informed about your skin care options, read on.

  1. Shaving: Equally as bad as sweeping problems under the rug, shaving problems will only serve as a short-term fix. If you have ever binged on Netflix and cookies because you felt sad, or lied to someone out of convenience sake, you have successfully “shaved a problem.” While the issue may appear out of sight for now, it will only come back thicker and darker. 
  2. Waxing: Some people feel embarrassed about waxing their problems; it causes them to turn red, and requires the help of another person. But waxing, while painful, actually reaches the root of the issue. It does not guarantee a perennially smooth and problem-free existence, but the particular hairy situation tends to thin out and lighten over time. Opinions may vary, but I think, waxing is always the better route to the root. Why shave a problem, if you can wax the root issue?
  3. Exfoliation: It’s possible that even after your hard work at uprooting past baggage,  something will make a reappearance; this is normal. But covering it up, will only cause ingrown hairs.  Instead, after experiencing breakthrough, ensure a follow through with exfoliators of accountability. Whether a friend or a mentor, the exfoliators in your life won’t be afraid to tell you the truth and even provide a little friction if needed.  

Part II:  Divine Dermatology

Without the presence of a rash or visible acne,  we may conveniently “forget” to check in with the dermatologist. There seem to be no symptoms, and on the outside, everything looks just fine. However, many of us have hidden and malignant moles in our lives which require an invitation of the Holy Spirit to act as our divine dermatologist and shed light on them. In the process, try to avoid the following dermatology disaster which I have fallen into multiple times before.

Asking a friend for insight, and glazing over the pain and struggle part of your story, is like going to the dermatologist and refusing to take off your clothes. Subsequently, if you step into the freely given rain shower of God’s Grace decked out for a backpacking trip—ie extensive coverage, baggage, and dark sunglasses— it results in chilling confusion, numbness, and clouded vision.

Now, I know this might be hard to hear if you grew up going to church camp like I did, but (in this context)  ditch the modest is hottest movement, and take it off. *If struggling with motivation, try listening to “Take it Off” by Ke$ha on Spotify. But once you do acquire the inspiration, a far better set of  lyrics to sing along with would be “Hallelujia Grace like Rain.” Sing it with unashamed exuberance in that shower. Off key? Doesn’t matter.

Amazing Grace is the sweetest of sounds. Even a drop of it will carry you through the hardest of times, and change you under seemingly impossible circumstances. I’m aware this might sound sort of scandalous, but the thing is, God’s Grace is scandalous. Come as you ARE, and he will not disappoint. Oh, and the Biblically based divine dermatology appointments come complementary in God’s health care package when wholeheartedly seeking. Not even a co-pay.


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