“Lily Wiggles”

A first birthday poem

My niece Lily, she wiggles, a lot

And her face lights up when she giggles–that tot. 

She’s learning to walk, in step not in crawl

Motivated to reach her soft baby doll

Or cuddle, with her pink blanket “lovie”

May the spirit dwell in her, much like a dovie

Bubbly and active, she’s down for the park

In part, I suspect, to hear the dogs bark

Or perhaps to ride on a swing through the trees

And eat a choice picnic of straight frozen peas

So let’s raise a toast, and with juice quench our thirst

Because today is Lily’s birthday…her first!

She’s growing quite fast, in stature and smile

And I’m auntie Chrissa, I love her a mile.




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