Hard to Forget

From July 2014, my rhymed response to the frequently given advice about “playing” hard to get. My present take on the matter? Be hard to forget instead.

Link to poem video in YouTube above.

So the saying is old school, “play hard to get”
Let him just close enough to get his feet wet

Then take a step back and fake unavailable

Like an you’re an ice princess and he’s just replaceable.

It’s a game, and the more you’re confusing
The higher the chances, he’ll find you amusing.

Be sure to act aloof, like you don’t even care

And wait for it. soon, at your feet he’ll be there

But stop. hold up. Where’d this all even come from?

We’re making it difficult, confusing and then some.

So we’re supposed to be “tricky?” remain inconspicuous?

But it’s kind of deceiving, in my eyes, ridiculous.

It doesn’t sound ideal, not even close.

I believe in honesty in a large healthy dose.

If he’s a quality guy, it’s not really that odd

Why must we put up a disinterested facade?

Relationship experts might say this is dumb

But I happen to think a different rule of thumb

A push and pull, it’s not a bad thing to flirt 

But with too many games, some people get hurt

Patience, high standards, that’s a different story.

Be power couple- give God the Glory!

I’m not saying be easy, but we gotta be real,

At some point in time, just say how you feel.

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